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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Is Getting A Walk Around Redhead From Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Robert Niles
May 04, 2018
May 10, 2018
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For years, fans have chanted "We wants the redhead," along with the drunken pirates in the auction scene of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney theme parks around the world. Last year, Disney announced that it would redesign the scene, changing the role of the iconic Redhead from trafficked victim of the pirates raiding the city to an active participant in that sacking.

The recast Redhead, who debuted on Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean ride earlier this year, now brandishes a gun as the line-up of townspeople behind her now await their chance to "sell" their valuable to the pirates, instead of being sold off to the pirates themselves. (Some of those townspeople are male now, too, dialing out the misogyny of the scene.)

Disneyland also is renovating its Pirates ride to include the new version of the auction scene. But that's not the only change for the Redhead at Walt Disney's original theme park. Disneyland announced today that "Redd," as the character is now officially being called, will become a walk-around face character in New Orleans Square this summer, too.

In Disney's retconned backstory for Redd, she's now profit-seeking pirate who's owed a ship by none other than Captain Jack Sparrow. And she will be looking for "brave sorts of recruits for a few little ventures" at Disneyland, too.

Now how about Disney rebooting its played-out multi-billion dollar Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise to replace the toxic-in-Hollywood Johnny Depp with Redd as the new lead pirate? (Don't think for a moment that someone at Disney hasn't considered this idea.) Just get Jennifer Lawrence some red hair dye and we're all good to go here, right?
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