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Disneyland Article
Tipsyland Ten Reasons To Visit Star Wars Cantina Next Summer

Club 33
USA Today
Scott Craven
September 04, 2018
September 15, 2018
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It only took 63 years, but Disneyland will soon host the Happiest Hour on Earth.

At least it could, if it takes full advantage of its decision to (finally) serve alcohol in the park, a change that required a galaxy far far away.

Disney recently announced cocktails will be served at the cantina when the new Star Wars land opens next summer.

Until then, there have been only two ways to get your drink on within Disneyland's berms: You we're either inside the ultra-exclusive Club 33 showing off photos of your latest boat, or you did what the other 99.9 percent did and smuggled booze inside flasks shaped like phones and cameras (yes, those are both things).

When Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens in June (or so) 2019, you can have alcohol the way it was meant to be enjoyed, among tightly packed strangers talking loudly enough to be heard over everyone else.

Here are 10 reasons to stop by Oga's Cantina in the Black Spire Outpost:

1. You'd rather spend three hours sitting with a cocktail or two than standing in line for a ride that lasts two minutes.

2. Buy a stormtrooper a cocktail, telling him, "These are the drinks you're looking for."

3. Know that every minute spent nursing a cocktail inside the cantina means another minute not riding It's a Small World. It's what Disney veterans call "a win-win."

4. Spend your drinking time amusing your friends naming alcohol-appropriate rides, like Buzzed Lightyear Astro Blasters, Splash of Gin Mountain, and Suddenly This Long Line Doesn't Matterhorn. Ask the server if they sell Mickey Soused ears.

5. Purchase a souvenir glass (assuming there are such things; wait, this is Disney, of course there will be). Hold onto it for 20 years and sell it for an outrageous sum at a Disneyland memorabilia auction. Didn't wash it? It will fetch twice the price.

6. Turn the tables on your teens and tell them you'll text when you're ready to meet up again. Then take your sweet time.

7. Now when you tweet #DrinkinginDisneyland, you won't come off like a loser.

8. Think of what to tell your kids now that you've blown the entire churro budget on a couple of cocktails with names you'll never remember and ingredients you couldn't possibly identify.

9. Mess with fans by asking if that guy over there is Captain Kirk, and if they know where you can buy Spock ears.

10. Because it's a bar. In Disneyland.
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