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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Adds A Special Bird To Its New Dining Spot In Adventureland

Tahitian Terrace
Orange County Register
Marla Jo Fisher
October 30, 2018
November 07, 2018
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There's a line in the Enchanted Tiki Room soundtrack at Disneyland that asks, "Whatever happened to Rosita?" Well, the answer will soon be that she landed next door at the Tropical Hideaway eatery.

Disney is adding the animatronic, joke-cracking cockatoo as an additional attraction at this new eatery that the company is calling a "dining spot," not a restaurant. It's under construction next to the Jungle Cruise, in the location formerly occupied by Aladdin's Oasis and, before that, by a Tiki-themed restaurant.

"After years of performing with the bird mobile chorus of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, Rosita is spreading her wings and taking flight towards a solo career," the Disney blog announced Tuesday. "You'll find her on the river's edge at the loading dock waiting for her boat to arrive."

The birds inside the Enchanted Tiki Room don't seem remarkable today, but they have a storied history at Disneyland. When the attraction opened in 1963, it was the first time the public had ever seen audio-animatronics in action - with all the birds, flowers and statuary working together to put on a show.

The birds were created after Walt Disney came back from New Orleans with a mechanical bird, and ordered his engineers to come up with a way to improve the design and create a show about singing birds.

The Enchanted Tiki Room featured the first use of true audio-animatronics. The birds, flowers, and statues of the Tiki Room perform a series of complex movements throughout the show, all in sync with the soundtrack. With the huge upsurge of interest in Hawaii after it became a state in 1959, it made sense that the show would be themed toward Tiki and located in Adventureland. After a 2004 refurbish, it came back with 225 animatronic elements.

The Enchanted Tiki Room reopened earlier this month after being closed for minor refurbishments and the installation of a ramp for disabled guests.

It was originally designed to be a restaurant show, but the restaurant was opened next door in June 1962 as the Tahitian Terrace, featuring a Polynesian style meal and show. Later, the space went through several changes before becoming Aladdin's Oasis in 1993, just in time to capitalize on Disney's hit move "Aladdin." It was alternately a restaurant, a stage show and then a special events venue.

Now, it's being converted back into a dining space - but not a full service restaurant - where people can sit outside on an outdoor deck and watch boats from the Jungle Cruise ride by. The new seating is partly designed to compensate for the removal of other seating along walkways that are being widened for the arrival of the new Star Wars land in 2019.

Disney plans to sell exotic foods such as warm bao buns with spiced vegetable, ramen salad, sweet pineapple lumpia, kaffir lime chicken and bulgogi beef fillings.
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