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Disneyland Article
Mickey Mouse At 90 An Inside Look At Disneyland And The Celebration

Main Street Electrical Light Parade
Dr. Nancy Berk
November 23, 2018
December 04, 2018
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He may be perpetually young at heart, but Mickey Mouse is 90 years old. Still delighting kids of all ages, the Walt Disney creation has no plans to wrap up his birthday celebration any time soon, as the festivities continue into in 2019 at Disneyland Resort. We caught up with Robyn Vossen, general manager of Disneyland Entertainment Operations, to find out more about Mickey's party plans, how the magic is made and strategies for streamlining your Disneyland visits.

Mickey Mouse turned 90 on November 18, 2018. To what do you attribute his longevity and ever-growing fanbase?

Mickey Mouse is everyone's mouse .He's humble, independent and compassionate and always endeavors to do good for others. Guests of all ages are drawn to him because we can all see a little bit of ourselves in him. As you look at Mickey through the years, he has evolved over time, remaining relevant and important to all of us. Thanks to Mickey, we have this awesome place called Disneyland!

As the general manager, were you tasked with birthday prep and planning?

At the Disneyland Resort, all the cast members have been preparing to celebrate this birthday milestone. A special birthday cavalcade honoring Mickey & Minnie traveled down Main Street U.S.A. Nearly 50 characters joined in the celebration with all of our guests singing to the birthday boy. Minnie Mouse joined the celebration and together they debuted their new birthday celebration look. Guests of all ages, joined in the fun by dressing in their Mickey Mouse best, including replicas of Mickey's new birthday look. In January [2019], when the celebration is in full swing, there will be a few more entertainment surprises for our guests.

How did your career in the Magic Kingdom happen?

My career began as a parade performer in the "Main Street Electrical Parade." Best summer job ever! Traveling down the parade route you could see in our guests' faces their enjoyment and love for, not only Mickey, but the entire "Main Street Electrical Parade" experience.

What's a "typical" work day like for you?

My role is to ensure that our cast members are ready to deliver a great entertainment experience to our guests every day. To accomplish this, my focus is to take care of our cast. In addition to planning out future entertainment offerings, we take regular walks through the park to support our cast. If we take care of our cast, they will, in turn, take care of our guests. The view from my office (walking through the park) is the best!

You have worked at Disneyland for nearly three decades now. What is the most magical part of the experience for you?

As I mentioned, I take a pause out of my day and walk down Main Street, U.S.A. to see first-hand how our cast members create lifelong memories for our guests. Watching hours of entertainment planning and rehearsals pay off with huge smiles, good tears and great laughter from our guests, is what brings me back to the park every day.

Do you have a favorite Disney fact or story that would surprise us?

I've had the privilege to travel the world with Mickey Mouse. I would always be concerned that the language barrier would interfere with our ability to talk with the kids of all ages. Nowhere we traveled was Mickey not recognizable or mentioned by name. While his name may have sounded a bit different, what was very clear is that EVERYONE knows Mickey!

What advice do you give friends as they prepare for a visit to Disneyland?

I encourage my friends to do a bit of homework before coming to Disneyland Resort by exploring the website Disneyland.com and downloading the Disneyland app to help plan their day. Whether entertainment shows and experiences, unique dining opportunities or navigating Disney FASTPASS Service or Disney MaxPass, the Disneyland app can really help in planning your day. I also encourage my friends to keep their eyes wide open to allow them to capture the moment first-hand.

What can visitors look forward to if they are visiting Disneyland during the holiday season?

Disneyland Resort during the holidays brings an extra sense of magic for our guests. In Disneyland, "A Christmas Fantasy Parade" is a great way for our guests to see our characters and dancers celebrate the holidays. Our nighttime fireworks show, "Believe In Holiday Magic," has become a fan favorite with a snow surprise that delights our guests. In Disney California Adventure Park, our guests can celebrate holiday festivities inspired by diverse cultures around the world with the Festival of Holidays. Disneyland Resort becomes the Merriest Place on Earth snow included!

Gotta ask, do you think the Haunted Mansion is REALLY haunted?

I've taken a ride in a Doom Buggie more times than I can count. The HAPPY HAUNTS have materialized every time I've taken a spin at the Haunted Mansion!
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