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Disneyland Article
What To Eat At Tropical Hideaway New Tiki Fast Casual Restaurant

Tropical Hideway
Carlye Wisel
December 20, 2018
December 28, 2018
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Bao buns, cold ramen noodles, and raspberry flavored soft-serve are on the menu at Disneyland's newest eatery, Tropical Hideaway, which opens Friday, December 21. Most recently an Aladdin-themed character restaurant, the space draws upon its early 90s heritage as the Tahitian Terrace. The space is oozing with tiki charm, complete with torch-lined pathways and a waterfall entryway.

The menu is inspired by the "tropical rivers of the world," particularly the tributaries traveled on the neighboring Jungle Cruise attraction. Here now are the new menu items only available at the Tropical Hideaway. Get excited (and hungry).

There's two new soft serve flavors for fans of the original Pineapple Dole Whip: raspberry and orange. Utter the words "spiced up" for a flourish of candied bacon crumbles.

This is the Twisted Ambush, a pineapple-orange flavored sundae served over fresh fruit (mandarin oranges, pineapple, mango, and lychee) with crystallized hibiscus, toasted and shredded coconut bits, and Pocky-like cookies.

The trio of steamed buns-veggie, chicken, and beef-are worth a gander. The Spiced Vegetable Bao boasts a samosa-like filling of curried chickpeas, braised vegetables and peas, spelt, and barley. The Chicken Bao is filled with chicken, butternut squash, and fresh herbs. And the Bulgogi Beef Bao is packed with sweet chilies, potatoes, and carrots. Spend the extra 59 cents for the salsa rojo, a misnomer for Tropical Hideaway's delightful gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) dipping sauce.

It's easy to noodle around with the Chilled Ramen Shaker. Drizzle the onion-soy-wasabi sauce over the fresh vegetables and ramen noodles, then shake the cup to mix everything evenly together. Togarashi cashews make for a crunchy topping.

For dessert, dig into the dessert lumpia, which is filled with cream cheese and roasted pineapple and coated in cinnamon and sugar. Served on the side is a dipping sauce reminiscent of liquefied Dole Whip.
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