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Disneyland Article
Tropical Hideaway Now Dole Whip Up Our Lives
NBC Los Angeles
Alysia Gray Painter
There are many fortuitous foods that you can consume as the new year begins.

Particular legumes? So lucky, it is often said. Various fruits? Healthful and hope-filled for the future.

A Dole Whip, like you might queue for in front of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room on a toasty July afternoon?

Any pineapple person and/or aficionado of icy-cold treats can testify that the Dole Whip is among the most golden of treats, for when you're enjoying one, you're probably savoring a great day at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Now The Happiest Place on Earth has added another happy location to find Dole Whips, as well as a line-up of filling bao buns, chilled ramen shaker, coconut water, and a host of other sit-down and chow-down goodies.

It's Disneyland Park's new The Tropical Hideaway, which may be found just steps away from the widely known, widely visited Dole Whip stand in front of the Tiki Room.

The just-debuted marketplace is inside the former Aladdin's Oasis, though "inside" is a bit of a misnomer, as the casual hangout is open to the sky and nicely airy in feel.

It is, after all, quite close to the Jungle Cruise, and Rosita, an animatronic cockatoo from the Tiki Room show, is on hand to lend the torchlit scene some birdly words.

Winging it? Rosita doesn't have to; she charmingly chats up guest on the fly.

As for your beloved Dole Whip? You can now find flavors beyond pineapple at the Tropical Hideaway, including orange and raspberry.

And, yep: Those flavors can be swirled alongside the classic pineapple. "Applause, applause" to that, as Jose, one of the feathery stars of the Tiki Room, might say.

Where to see Rosita, enjoy a swirled Dole Whip, and linger into the evening in Adventureland? Why at the world-famous Anaheim theme park, of course.

Dole Whips may not officially be on the advantageous foods list, as far as those eats you want to devour at the beginning of a new year.

But Dole Whip devotees are legion, there's a fresh Disneyland place to find them, and probably, one day, they'll be considered one of the planet's most lucky confections, in addition to one of the most refreshing on a toasty July afternoon.

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