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Disneyland Article
How To Do Disneyland On A Budget

Author:Amy Nelmes Bissett
Dateline:February 27, 2019
Posted:March 07, 2019
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Disneyland, the place where dreams are made and magic is created. And also a place where a whole lot of cash also seems to magically disappears into thin air.

Yep, the Disney experience has never been a cheap one even if it continues to be hugely popular. In fact, each morning as the gates open, 44,000 people arrive to check out the 85-acre park outside of Los Angeles alone.

But there are smart ways to make sure a few days in the park doesn't always equal the remortgaging of the home or the selling of a kidney. Just follow these pointers

Bundle-up for a bargain

It's almost impossible to see everything that Disneyland has to offer in a single day. Instead, the cheapest way to get the full experience is to purchase a three-day hopper ticket which is $210, which works out about $70 a day instead of a single day ticket which costs $104.

But here's the biggest saving tip, always book your hotel and tickets at the same time. GetAwayToday is a US booking engine that will not only beat any cheaper price but will also undercut it by $10.

Feast on the free breakfast

A lot of the hotels near the Disneyland site in California are pretty similar in price and interiors but there is one difference: some offer free breakfast and some don't. Always make sure you check into a hotel that offers unlimited free brunch.

It's a great way to fuel kids for a big day at the park and ward off snack costs until later in the day.

Pack water bottles for everyone

No one should ever buy water at Disneyland. Yes, there's bottles and bottles of the stuff in the fridge with a hefty price tag but actually each of the restaurants will give a cup of water for free if asked.

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