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Disneyland Article
Star Wars Galaxys Edge Explained

Author:Charlie Hall
Dateline:March 01, 2019
Posted:March 10, 2019
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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is the biggest Disney theme park upgrade in years. The twin facilities will open up later this year at both Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, and at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. But since their unveiling in the summer of 2015, detailed information has been in short supply.

After a major unveiling of the park this week, here's what we know about Galaxy's Edge, including the latest on rides, dining, and an unusual Star Wars-themed hotel. At the end, we also have need-to-know info from a Disney-certified travel agent on planning your own visit to a galaxy far, far away.


The first of two the Galaxy's Edge parks will open in California this summer, according to the official Disney Parks blog, and thanks to a comment from Disney CEO Bob Iger in January, we know that could be as soon as June. Some of the most well-informed theme park fans have gone a step further, narrowing in on a potential opening weekend of June 22-23, but Disney hasn't confirmed that.

As far as Disney World's Galaxy's Edge, all we know right now is that it's slated to open this fall.

Coming in at 14 acres each, both versions of Galaxy's Edge represent the largest ever single-theme addition to the Disney parks. Toy Story Land, which opened in Florida in 2018, was significantly smaller at just 11 acres. That massive footprint has presented some interesting logistical challenges.

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