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Disneyland Article
TV Shows Walts Plans For Small World Carousel Of Progress

Jungle Cruise
Orlando Sentinel
Dewayne Bevil
April 26, 2019
April 28, 2019
A 1964 episode of "Wonderful World of Color," a television show hosted by Walt Disney, gives old-school insights into the making of what would become classic theme park rides. The show, now available via the website of the D23 fan club, goes behind the scenes of Disney's involvement in the 1964/1965 World's Fair in New York.

The footage shows preparation for "it's a small world" and Carousel of Progress, versions of which still operate at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. In the "Wonderful World" episode, Disney is decked out in an electric blue cardigan, I supposed to play up the COLOR part. He walks viewers through a number of backstage scenes.

For the Carousel of Progress segment, we see Disney interact with a worker in a control harness for programming the lead audio-animatronic for the attraction. We hear "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" in the background first and later a full-blown version. And Disney refers to the final, well, contemporary scene of the Carousel as depicting "leisurely push-button living."

For "it's a small world," we learn that Disneyland's wardrobe did all the costuming for the 700 figures. While showing one of the dolls blinking, Walt Disney says "we had to give every moving part special fatigue tests."

The program includes an extended look at the many lands included in "small world." Although the figures look a little different, some of the early '60s ideas are hanging in there. The "Wonderful World" spotlight shines on the hyenas, flying carpets, penguins and the bright white finale.

But there are other odd "small world" moments, including a lime-green leopard, a cactus playing a guitar and a particularly jazzy version of the theme song during the Africa stretch.

The video is an exclusive for D23 members via D23.com.

Other moments to look for in the presentation:

* Walt interacts with three animatronic dinosaurs named Huey, Dewey and Louie. They would be in the Magic Skyway attraction.

* He refers to the World's Fair as "the greatest show on Earth next to Disneyland."

* There are mentions of the "Imagineering department" and how they came to coin the word "audio-animatronics."

* He explains that a new kind of artist now works for the company, one that uses a slide rule and a blow torch.

There's a familiar ring to his partial quote "for Disneyland will never be completed."

* We get a woolly mammoth animatronic before the hair's attached.

* The prehistoric man figures have a vibe somewhere between Jungle Cruise and Spaceship Earth. There's a joke about barbecued leg of mammoth.

* Lost children at the fair were to be taken to a studio, where their images would be put on closed-circuit television across the property.

* Walt also interacts with an animatronic exotic bird. The faux feathered guy "cost a heck of a lot of money," Disney says.

* There's an interaction with Blaine Gibson about the sculpting of Abraham Lincoln for "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln." Gibson also is known for his work on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Hall of Presidents. He's also responsible for the Partners statue - the one with Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse - at multiple theme parks, including near the base of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.
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Carousel Of Progress

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

Haunted Mansion

It's A Small World

Jungle Cruise

Pirates Of The Caribbean

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