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Disneyland Article
Sleeping Beauty Castle Open After Four Month Renovation

Sleeping Beauty Castle
Orange County Register
Brady Macdonald
May 24, 2019
June 06, 2019
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Sleeping Beauty Castle reawakened Friday, May 24, after a four-month beauty sleep that saw the Disneyland icon get a fresh paint job, a touch of gold leaf on the finial ornaments and a sprinkling of pixie dust on its new roof ahead of the debut of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disneyland crews removed the construction walls overnight so that visitors could once again walk through the Anaheim theme park’s centerpiece landmark this morning when the park opened.

The reopened castle arrives just in time for the May 31 grand opening of the new 14-acre Star Wars-themed land.

The castle makeover was part of a park-wide enhancement project designed to freshen up Disneyland ahead of the crowds expected to descend this summer on the highly anticipated new Galaxy’s Edge.

Project Stardust — a mash-up of Star Wars and Pixie Dust — takes a comprehensive park-wide look at operations, infrastructure and crowd management with an eye toward improving efficiency, traffic flow and access.

Project Stardust brought a warren of walls surrounding construction projects that widened walkways, shrunk planters and reduced curbing throughout the park. Most, if not all, of the construction walls in Disneyland are expected to be down by Friday, May 24, Disneyland officials said. Crews reinstalled the Adventureland sign over the expanded entryway earlier this week.

Decorative scrims surrounded Disneyland’s castle during the extensive renovation. Sleeping Beauty Castle last got a fresh coat of paint for the 60th anniversary of Disneyland and last underwent an extensive rehab before the 50th anniversary of the theme park.

The goal of the renovation project was to ensure that the castle, which is both a symbol of Disneyland and the Disney company, remains in top shape as the theme park continues to expand and grow, Disneyland officials said.

The castle finish has been fire-proofed to protect it from evening fireworks and clear coated to shield it from the sun’s UV rays.
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