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Disneyland Article
Fa La La It Is A Holidaytime Reveal

Haunted Mansion Holiday
NBC Los Angeles
Alysia Gray Painter
July 29, 2019
August 3, 2019
It's always a little Christmassy inside Disneyland park, whatever date the calendar reads, thanks to The Happiest Place on Earth's devotion to nostalgic details, old-timey tunes, green trees everywhere, and costumes galore.

Which means this: When the yuletide season actually arrives, the Anaheim destination goes the distance on delighting guests, from the Candy Kitchen's famous handmade (and hefty) candy canes to windows, lightposts, and buildings fully festooned in Christmas cheer.

Because it is nearly August, and August is the month before the month when fall begins, and the Holidays at Disneyland Resort actually begin in the fall, it is time to ponder what is coming up on the parks' sparkly and seriously packed schedule.

In other words, Disneyland Resort just made a few festive reveals, as July 2019 winds down.

Bringing the fa and la and la, beginning on Nov. 8, 2019?

Disney Festival of Holidays will back at Disney California Adventure, fĂȘting "... the sights, sounds and tastes of Christmas/Navidad, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, and Three Kings Day," too.

The always-anticiped "Believe... in Holiday Magic" fireworks show will return to Disneyland park, too, with carol-sweet sounds woven into the songs we know and love around the parks.

"World of Color," at Disney California Adventure," will twinkle with a "Season of Light," while Anna and Elsa will bring some "Frozen" magic to the parks as they celebrate the release of "Frozen 2."

Merchandise, sweet snacks, celebratory eats from around the world, "snow" on Main Street, characters wearing colorful, year-end finery, and the Haunted Mansion Holiday are other cheerful sights guests can expect to encounter during their enchantment-packed visits.

And, of course, "it's a small world" Holiday will be wearing all of the lights, or seemingly so, as it brightens-up the night. And will that iconic "Happy New Year" sign seen inside the historic ride read "2020"?

Reader, it will. A new decade is nigh, which means it is time for some revelry, family fun, and happy-makery, at The Candycane-iest Place on Earth.

Holidays at Disneyland Resort will ho, ho, ho from Nov. 8 through Jan. 6, 2020.
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Haunted Mansion Holiday

It's A Small World Holiday

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