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Disneyland Article
12 Nuttiest Weirdest Things That Annual Passholders Do

Space Mountain
Mercury News
Marla Jo Fisher
September 12, 2019
September 14, 2019
If you’ve ever known any diehard Disneyland fans, you know they sometimes do things that are downright mystifying, if not the opposite of what you’d expect, except to others like them.

Here are 12 flat-out nutty things that only another Disney fiend could understand. Disneyland annual passholders will….

12. Spend $15,000 on a dinner for 12 people. But, hey, it’s only $1,250 per person for this special dinner called 21 Royal, which takes place in the apartment designed for Walt Disney overlooking New Orleans Square (Walt never used it, because he passed away before it was finished.) Avid Disney fans get together and pool their money for the bragging rights to say they attended this evening, which includes a balcony view of Fantasmic!

11. Stand in line for hours to buy a plastic popcorn bucket — and then refuse to put actual popcorn in it, because it’s a “collector’s item.”

10. Go to the parks just for the exercise. Yep, while the rest of us complain about how exhausting it is to walk around the resort all day, some folks go there just to get their morning steps in.

9. Obsess about secret menu items. Did you know that restaurants at the Disneyland Resort have secret menu items? Sometimes they’re popular items that have been discontinued but people still ask for them, other times they’re just secret because it’s fun. For example, at Adventureland’s Tropical Hideaway, you can ask them to put candied bacon on your Dole Whip, but you won’t find it on the menu. Now, the resort offers hundreds, maybe thousands of food and drink items 365 days a year. But that won’t stop passholders from seeking out the hidden ones.

8. Argue for an hour about whether Toy Story or Mickey and Friends is a better parking lot. The Toy Story is a surface lot on Harbor Boulevard near the Anaheim Convention Center. You must grab a shuttle bus to the resort’s transit zone, which drops you off near the ticket booths. Mickey and Friends is one of the largest parking structures in California, located just off the Santa Ana (5) Freeway and most people take the tram to Downtown Disney. Nowadays, people can argue over three parking choices since the new Pixar Pals garage opened adjacent to Mickey and Friends.

7. OK, this is one we don’t like, but it happens. Annoying, entitled passholders argue with or berate employees by telling them that they “pay their salaries.” While it may be true that the Disneyland Resort’s most loyal fans are crucial to its profits, that’s no excuse for being a jerk, especially at a place where employees aren’t allowed to punch you in the nose.

6. Refuse to go on rides because the lines are too long. These folks are just glad to be roaming around Walt’s kingdom, and they know they can check the wait times on the Disneyland app tomorrow and rush over to get their fix of the Haunted Mansion.

5. Tell their friends how depressed they are because they haven’t been to the park for a week, and ask them to text pictures.

4. Go to the resort just to eat. Maybe it’s the seasonal specialties, maybe it’s the churros, but plenty of passholders go just to get their feed on. Yes, even at those prices.

3. Pay thousands of dollars per family for annual passes — then spend even more on tickets to special events. Passholders can sometimes sell out special night events like Disneyland After Dark, which generally cost around $100 a ticket, to visit a park they could have spent the day at for free.

2. Show up before the parks open and stand in line, just to buy candy canes, after circling the dates on their calendars that they’ll be available each Christmas. Then, going home and not eating them.

1. The nuttiest thing that annual passholders do? Call in sick when it’s raining, so they can go to the parks. Yes, while vacationers are fleeing under their umbrellas, the diehards have pulled out the ponchos and revved up the car, knowing that Disneyland almost never closes for weather, and they’ll be able to walk onto Space Mountain and Indiana Jones.
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