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Disneyland Article
9 Amazing Secrets To Look For During Your Next Visit

Matterhorn Bobsleds
Danielle Dougall
November 28, 2019
November 28, 2019
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As Disney lovers, we’re always looking for ways to visit the parks and TBH, we’ve already binged well over half of our favorite childhood classics on Disney Plus. For those of you planning out your dream Disneyland visit, we’ve got some news you’ll love to hear. You can go on a magical adventure to find Disneyland secrets. The park is full of them. All you have to do is look.

From hidden Mickeys to elite members-only cocktail bars, this list will let you in on all of the fun stuff you’ve been missing. Let’s go!

You Can Be the Captain of the Mark Twain Riverboat

Price: Free

Location: Frontierland, Disneyland

Why You Should Go: If you ask a Disney cast member to see the wheelhouse before boarding the boat, they’ll take you to the captain’s quarters, where you can steer the boat! You can even ring the bell. At the end of the ride, ask for a certificate and make sure to sign the guest book of all the people who’ve driven the boat before.

Pull the Rope at the Boulder While Waiting for the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride

Location: Adventureland, Disneyland

Why You Should Go: Do you see where the sign says “Caution. Do Not Pull Rope! Handling Fragile Artifacts.” Pull the rope anyways. When you do, you’ll hear a message telling you not to pull the rope. If you do it again, you can hear different responses and eventually a big crash.

Some of the Tea Cups Are Faster Than the Others

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland

Why You Should Go: The Mad Tea Party can get even madder! If you have a need for speed, the orange and purple are the fastest spinners. For a tamer ride, the two teacups with hearts on them are the slowest.

You Can Get a Death Certificate at the Haunted Mansion

Price: Free

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

Why You Should Go: If you ask a cast member for a death certificate before you enter the gloomy buggy, you’ll have one waiting for you as a spooky souvenir. Just a head’s up though — they don’t give them to everyone who asks. Keep your fingers crossed and check your crystal ball.

The Jungle Cruise Ride Hands Out Free Souvenir Maps

Price: Free

Location: Adventureland, Disney

Why You Should Go: Just like the Haunted Mansion ride, you can also ask for a free souvenir at the Jungle Cruise. The map shows the ride’s entire route.

There’s an Actual Basketball Court Inside the Matterhorn

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland Park

Why You Should Go: The rumors are true. There’s a real basketball court located inside of the Matterhorn. While guests can’t go inside, it’s a cool secret to keep in your back pocket. Guests and cast members used to use it to prepare for climbs during bad weather.

Hidden Mickeys Are Scattered Everywhere Throughout the Parks

Location: Disneyland and California Adventure

Why You Should Go: All throughout the park, there are hidden Mickeys to find. They can be a little tricky to spot, so look high and low. They are a part of numerous Disneyland hotels, restaurants, rides, and even food!

There’s a Secret, Exclusive Club Called Club 33

Price: $10,000 a year plus a $25,000 initiation fee. Whew!

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

Why You Should Go: This ritzy Disney club does not come at a cheap price. With a $10,000 a year annual fee, steep entry price, and high initiation fee, we’d all have to win the lotto to visit. Did we mention there is a 14-year-long waiting list to join?

Cast Members Give Away Free Pins If You Ask

Price: Free

Location: Disneyland and California Adventure

Why You Should Go: What’s cooler than getting an adorable free Disneyland souvenir? This goes for both Disneyland California and Disney World in Orlando. If it’s your birthday, you can also pick some up at City Hall on Main Street.
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Haunted Mansion

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Matterhorn Bobsleds

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Club 33

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Main Street U.S.A.

New Orleans Square

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