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Disneyland Article
Price Hikes Coming In 2020 What To Know

Star Wars Galaxys Edge
Thomas Barrabi
January 2, 2020
January 11, 2020
The start of a new year likely heralds another round of price hikes for would-be ticket buyers at California’s Disneyland Resort, if recent history is any indication.

The Walt Disney Company announces pricing information for park tickets in the early months of each year. While the price hikes were traditionally announced in February, last year’s increase was unveiled on Jan. 6. Traditionally, Disneyland ticket prices have increased on an annual basis, according to the Arizona Republic.

Disneyland representatives did not return a request for comment on when pricing changes will be announced in 2020 and if visitors should expect an increase.

Park prices had a sharp uptick in 2019. The cost of a Disneyland ticket rose as much as 25 percent last year, depending on which option the buyer selected. A year earlier, Disney raised prices at the park by 18 percent.

The spike coincided with the debut of “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” a highly anticipated attraction based on Disney’s popular sci-fi series. While “Galaxy’s Edge” was initially beset by reports of low foot traffic and park attendance, Disneyland briefly stopped selling daily tickets last week after hitting its peak capacity, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Len Testa, owner of, told the Arizona Republic that prices should rise by at least 5 percent in 2020 to account for inflation and the rising cost of employee wages, though the final increase could be much higher.
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Star Wars Galaxys Edge

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