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Disneyland Article
Lost Park Attraction Only Exists In Marvel Comics
Samantha King
Back when Walt Disney was still alive and developing attractions at Disneyland with his team of Imagineers, there were some attractions that were conceptualized that were never made. One such attraction would have been a companion to the Haunted Mansion. Unfortunately, upon Walt's passing, the plans were scrapped and it was never built. It does exist, however, in a Marvel comic series.

Disneyland opened in 1955. Many attractions from opening day still exist today in some form. Attractions in every Disney Park tell detailed stories and have intense theming meant to bring each ride's story to life. In 2014, Marvel started to publish a line of comics that centered on telling stories inspired by different Disney park attractions. The line was called "Disney Kingdoms" and it had five titles, one of which received a follow-up series. Titles included Figment, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, The Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room, and the sequel series Figment 2. One other title, Seekers of the Weird, was based on the conceptualized attraction that died with Walt before finding new life with Marvel.

Seekers of the Weird is a five-issue miniseries inspired by the Museum of the Weird. This attraction was meant to actually be a lobby area added on to the Haunted Mansion. Ideas for it began during conceptualization for the Haunted Mansion itself. Initially, the Haunted Mansion was planned to be a walk-through attraction, but Imagineers found that people wouldn't be able to move through at the preferred pace. This is what led to the creation of the Doom Buggy vehicles that guests ride through the mansion. The Museum of the Weird was intended to be a place where guests could spend hours in after exiting the Haunted Mansion. Designs for this component were drawn up by famous Imagineer, Roland "Rolly" Crump. Crump and another Imagineer, Yale Gracey, thought that the Museum of the Weird could also be a walk-through attraction where guests could see a wide variety of illusions. After Walt's passing, the Haunted Mansion was still built, making it the first real haunted house attraction that others would soon copy, but the Museum of the Weird was scrapped. Some designs from it were kept and put into the main mansion, and now, some of them have found a new home in Marvel's Seeker of the Weird.

This comic tells the story of two teens, Maxwell and Melody, whose parents run a curio store. One day, their parents are kidnapped by Despoina, leader of the Shadow Society. The teens end up in the custody of their estranged uncle Roland, who takes them through a portal to his home: the Museum of the Weird. Roland is part of a secret society, whose members are known as Wardens. Despoina wants the Coffin Clock, an actual coffin that holds the Reaper King, the actual Shadow Society leader who was locked up long ago. Maxwell and Melody are the keys to getting the Coffin Clock and releasing the Reaper King, which they would like to prevent. This is a standard story of good versus evil and of family, wrapped up in a Disney park lover's dreams. The Coffin Clock was based on an actual design by Rolly Crump, as were the talking chair that the teens interact with, and the Candleman, who serves as their time limit indicator.

Although the Seekers of the Weird comic was only five issues, it succeeded in bringing back an attraction that never got to be fully realized at Disneyland. The story itself is a newer one that was inspired by the designs that Crump did many years ago. While fans may never get to walk through the Museum of the Weird, they can still have a small taste of what it may have been like by reading this comic series.

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