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Disneyland Article
A Mane Attraction Trots Out A Fresh Look

Dumbo The Flying Elephant
Alysia Gray Painter
April 19, 2021
April 27, 2021
The heart of Disneyland park? Just about every guest would name something that means a lot, in their own mind, whether it is a particular ride, or memory, or cast member, or experience.

But there's neigh, er, no way to deny what's at the physical, easy-to-see heart of Fantasyland: It's the King Arthur Carrousel, one of the first attractions to debut at the Happiest Place on Earth back when it opened in July 1955.

The horse-happy round-and-round sits at the centerpoint of the imaginative area, and its merry sights and calliope-pretty music has a way of adding a bit of whimsy and joy to all of the attractions that surround it, from Dumbo the Flying Elephant to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

But even sweet spectacles need a spiffy-up, now and then, and the pretty ponies and decorative elements of the carousel just underwent a stately refurbishment, all in time for the ride's re-debut when Disneyland park reopens on April 30.

A fresh photograph of the attraction, which was seen in the 2013 "Saving Mr. Banks" as well as literally millions of mouse-earred photos over the last 65-plus years, was included in the official announcement on the Disney Parks blog.

As for what the refurbishment entailed?

"Each steed was hand repainted, and more than 30 colors were used. With each horse slightly different from one another, riders both young and young at heart can look forward to finding their perfect mount among the 68 leaping horses," shared Michael Ramirez, Public Relations Director for Disneyland Resort.

Do you have a favorite horse among those 68 magnificent manes? So many Disneyland devotees do.

But part of the excitement of this attraction is trying out a new-to-you steed for a fantastical spin on the world-famous merry-go-round.

Now, starting on April 30, all of the steeds will be "new" in the sense that they've donned bright hues and other celebratory touches.

A favorite Fantasyland icon's newest chapter is beginning, nearly 66 years after it took the very first park goers on a gleeful twirl.

By the by, the King Arthur Carrousel isn't the only attraction to have a freshen-up during the Anaheim theme park's closure: The Haunted Mansion has a new painting and a sprinkling of cute 'n quirky garden enhancements.
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