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Disneyland Article
K9 Cast Members Enlist The Help Of Guests For Training
Katrina Allen
The Disneyland Resort takes security very seriously. When you visit you will notice plenty of security Cast Members making sure everyone is having a safe and fun time at the parks. But have you ever noticed the K9 Cast Members?

K9’s are used to sniff for prohibited items, these K9s are typically handled by local law enforcement and check Guests as they walk through security. In some instances, you may even be asked by security if you can help in a training exercise with the K9!

One of our Inside the Magic reporters, Krysten, has previously been asked to help with a training exercise for the bomb-sniffing K9’s while going through Disneyland security. Being selected for this is completely random and totally voluntary.

She explained that when she accepted to help with the training exercise she was given a small bean bag-like object to place on her person. Security will tell you when and where to slip the small object before you walk through security, and then you simply go through security naturally! You are asked not to react when the K9 approaches you and begins sniffing the item.

Our reporter also explained that they coordinate with security on the other side of the entrance so that you can give the object back and enter the park.

This is not a very common occurrence but we believe this training helps keep the K9 on their paws about sniffing for prohibited items. It is important to remember that these K9s are working and you should not try to call out to them or pet unless their human officer instructs you that it is okay to do so.

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