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Disneyland Article
Security Reintroduces Body Scanners

Krysten Swensen
August 27, 2021
September 01, 2021
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Disneyland is always looking for ways to enhance the Guest experience while they visit The Happiest Place on Earth. More restaurants are being added to the Disneyland app for mobile order, digital check out at certain stores is becoming bigger, anything to help make things easier for people.

Now, Disney is trying to make getting through security easier as well.

Disneyland security entrances are places where things can get really backed up. Guests not only have to go through a metal detector, but Cast Members must open and inspect each bag that a Guest is bringing in. However, full-body scanners were recently spotted at one Disneyland Resort security area, which will make going through security a faster, easier, and more efficient experience.

Wonders of Magic shared a picture of the new scanners at Downtown Disney District security.

New security contact-less body scanners Have been installed at the Disneyland Resort.

Guests entering Downtown Disney today Experience the new contactless Body scanner powered by Evolv Technology.

The same scanners have been used in Walt Disney World for quite some time and screen guests quickly and safely. If implemented at the Disneyland Resort, the technology could help drastically decrease wait times at theme park checkpoints. Guests would no longer have to open all their bags to Disney security officers.

At this time, it appears that Disneyland is only testing this new way to get through security. This is also not the first time they have tested this technology at the theme park. Back in October 2020, body scanners were also seen at security checkpoints. The scanners did not last for too long, and traditional security measures were brought back. However, with the scanners making a return, it could indicate that Disney has found them to be more reliable.

It is also possible that Disneyland has brought in the body scanners in order to cut down on the number of Cast Members that are needed at security. For traditional security checks, one Cast Member is needed to go through Guests’ bags, and one is needed to monitor the metal detectors. However, if bags are not being checked, then presumably fewer Cast Members will be needed to staff the security checkpoints, though this is just speculation.

Disney has not said how long these scanners will remain in place or if they plan to make them permanent at security checkpoints throughout the Disneyland Resort.
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