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Disneyland Article
Keep The Wenches Row Has Been Labeled Poison By Fans Who Are Divided About Attraction Upgrades

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
Helena Sutan
October 24, 2021
November 6, 2021
The ‘Keep the Wenches’ Disneyland row has been labeled ‘poison’ by fans, who are divided about attraction upgrades.

A FEW Disneyland enthusiasts have expressed their displeasure with the park’s decision to remove culturally offensive characters from its rides and attractions. The world-famous brand operates 12 theme parks worldwide.

On social media, ‘toxic’ debates have emerged over Disney’s decision to remove characters like the Pirates of the Caribbean ‘wenches.’ Some Disney fans are outraged by the company’s ‘wokeness,’ while others applaud the decision to modernize the rides.

The latest squabble started when Bill Cotter, a former employee of the original park in Anaheim, California, expressed surprise at the amount of vitriol among fans.

Cotter maintains and moderates the ‘Vintage Disneyland’ Facebook page, which has over 114,000 members and where fans discuss their affection for the theme park.

After asking users to finish the phrase “My Disneyland…”, the former staffer discovered that fans had a lot of anger to express.

“My God, the hatred that was flowing back and forth,” he told SFGate. ‘In my Disney, there were no whale-sized individuals shoving food in their faces,’ for example. What exactly are you referring to? “Body shaming will not be tolerated.” Disney’s decision to eliminate a “wench auction” from the parks’ Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was panned by some fans.

The controversial attraction included women with the words “Take a wench for a bride” written on a banner above them.

The billboard, which had been in existence since 1967, depicted women being sold into sexual slavery.

The scene has since been replaced by a wisecracking female pirate holding a bottle of rum.

“We need to stop protecting people from history,” one fan said after the “wench auction” was halted. Instead of communicating with each other, why don’t we give all the pirates cellphones?” “There is something severely lacking in your life if you’re outraged that Disneyland changes attractions and you mockingly label it ‘woke,'” another fan commented. There are more vital matters to attend to.” Jessica Rabbit, a nightclub singer from the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” has also been transformed into the head of her own detective firm by Disney.

Jessica’s new function, according to Disney, is “more appropriate to today’s culture.” Previously, the character was shown waiting to be rescued in the boot of a car.

While changes have been made in Disney parks all over the world, it is believed that the majority of complaints come from Disney enthusiasts in the United States.

The Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland was also updated to remove “negative images” such as this. “Brinkwire News Summary.”
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Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

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