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Disneyland Article
Along With Splash Mountain Another Longtime Attraction Is Getting A Retheme
Jessica Rawden
Disneyland and Disney World are constantly making changes to the parks, and when those changes happen, sometimes that means a re-theme is on the way. For example, Splash Mountain will be re-themed to a Princess and The Frog ride coming up and now another longtime attraction is set to get its own re-theme. That attraction would be none other than Tarzan’s Treehouse.

Tarzan will be undergoing a major makeover, per a report at OC Register, which noted Disneyland officials confirmed the change is on the way. The attraction had been covered since last September, with the report mentioning the entrance to the old treehouse is set to be demolished. However, the treehouse experience as a whole will remain.

Previously, one of the options that had been bandied about online as a potential “What if” (but that honestly seems like the most perfect and obvious fit) was to turn the Tarzan Treehouse into an Encanto-themed treehouse. Though a reworking of the treehouse has seemingly been greenlighted, what the actual theme will be has not been announced yet.

And yet, Encanto would be an ideal way to redesign the treehouse, given Mirabel's youngest cousin Antonio's room is a massive tree, which would seemingly lend itself well to what is already built on property. Additionally, Isabela's plant powers could seemingly factor in if Disney decides to go the Encanto route with the attraction. Given it’s been more than 20 years now since Tarzan first hit theaters, and given it doesn’t have the nostalgic “original to the Disneyland parks” feel that something like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride offers to longtime fans, why not swap it to something that’s popular and relevant right now?

To note, the Tarzan Treehouse is already a reimagined version of the original Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. The Swiss Family Treehouse opened at Disneyland on November 18, 1962 and remained themed after the 1960 Disney movie until February of 1999 when Tarzan redecorating took place. There’s also a separate Swiss Family Treehouse in the Magic Kingdom that remains as one of the park rides open since Day 1 at Magic Kingdom. The re-theming here is allegedly for the Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland in the California-based park.

In the case of Splash Mountain, fan hopes it would get a Princess and the Frog re-theme eventually turned into something concrete. I'm guessing there are hopes for a lot of Encanto fans here, too. Plus, it would just make sense as a theme.

Encanto has been wildly popular since its theatrical debut, including the flick's surprise breakout hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Since then the parks have already made an effort to give the movie a presence. This has included moments like adding Encanto to parades and also It’s A Small World’s nighttime transition to an Encanto-themed facade. With a longterm attraction, swapping out another beloved ride’s facade may not be needed as there would be a permanent place for fans of the film to visit.

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