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Disneyland Article
Its A Small World Holiday At Disneyland Is Filled With Magical Details Heres A Closer Look

It's A Small World Holiday
Sean Sposato
November 29, 2018
December 03, 2018
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Celebrate the holidays at one of Disneyland Resort's most iconic attractions as it transforms its façade and receives a festive seasonal overlay that could put any grinch in the Christmas spirit. Fantasyland's seasonal it's a small world Holiday offers season's greetings from more than 300 children around the world in addition to many smaller yuletide details that makes "the happiest cruise that ever sailed" become just a little more jolly. Take an in-depth look at the attraction here.

As each ship sets sail guests are immediately immersed in a winter wonderland. The journey begins in the northern regions, where visitors can take in sparkling snowflakes and letters from children around the world addressed to Santa. Here, you might also see old Saint Nick himself if you look quick enough in an upstairs window of a snow covered cottage.

This merry journey then transports its guests to Europe, where sailors are greeted by two ceremonial guards outfitted in scarlet and gold. Here, visitors can also take in the sights of a perch decorated with holly and tinsel, on which stands one of two Yeoman Warders, who protect the Tower of London. These guards are more commonly known as Beefeaters.

Next, guests will find themselves in Asia, where the decor is completely decked out for Lunar New Year. Sights in this holiday-themed land include a neon dragon, fireworks, hand fans and celebratory drummers. In Chinese culture, Dragons are a sign of the holidays, in addition to the dragon dance, which has been a longstanding tradition celebrated at Chinese festivals.

This jolly journey continues by passing through South America and Mexico. Here, guests will be greeted by three familiar friends, the Three Caballeros! The trio can be found playing maracas, a guitar and an accordion. This iconic musical group is found at this attraction throughout the year, but during the holidays they can also be found at the Disney ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party.

This snowy adventure continues at the Pacific Islands. Here the waterways are full of joyous mermaids singing "Jingle Shells," their twist on the famous holiday classic. Visitors might also spot Ariel and two of her sisters, Adrina and Attina, who are swimming to the beat of this special holiday carol.

The trip also includes a quick greeting from Lilo & Stitch, who are mega fans of Elvis. Lilo and her beloved intergalactic friend can be found siting behind an Elvis bobblehead as they all attempt to catch a wave together.

This is when the celebratory expedition begins to come to an end as visitors are brought to a special section of the attraction that celebrates the spirit of America. Don't fret, you can still catch a few furry gophers dressed in Santa hats popping out from a snowy knoll to give guests a seasonal greeting. This special section also includes three Native Americans stringing popcorn. Fun fact: popping corn was a common practice among Native Americans, even hundreds of years ago.

Even though this holiday overlay delights and wows guests with its special Christmas decorations to celebrate the season, remember, it's a small world Holiday was really put in place to remind everyone to appreciate our differences and to unite in the bonds of song, friendship and happiness.
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It's A Small World Holiday

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