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Disneyland Article
30 Captions For Couples Who Are Having A Date That Is Like A Fairy Tale

Splash Mountain
Rachel Chapman
August 17, 2019
August 21, 2019
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When visiting Disneyland, there's nothing more magical than having your SO by your side. What could be more romantic than sharing a churro Lady and the Tramp-style with bae and holding hands while you're getting spooked at the Haunted Mansion? For a date that's truly fairy tale-worthy, you need to plan a trip to Disneyland. When you get there, don't forget to get a selfie in front of the castle, and post with one of these Disneyland captions for couples.

You may think Disneyland is just for families, but there's actually a lot you can do with bae to make it a fun-filled trip you'll never want to forget. There are cozy restaurants to grab a bite, like the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square that has romantic lantern lighting. You will also feel so much better going on Splash Mountain with your SO there to hold onto. You can even make it a double date and get a selfie with Mickey and Minnie. Then, wrap up the day with the most romantic activity of all: watching the fireworks in front of the castle.

For every photo you take throughout the day, you'll want to post on the 'Gram right away. Let these 30 Disneyland captions be your guide to instant likes.

1. "Spending the day with my Prince Charming."

2. "The only person I'd split my churro with."

3. "The Mickey to my Minnie."

4. "And they lived happily ever after."

5. "I'll only ride Space Mountain if you hold my hand."

6. "I'd explore every mountain with you. I'm talking Space, Splash, and Big Thunder."

7. "You make me smile like a grim grinning ghost."

8. "Every day is a fantasyland with you."

9. "The only thing I love more than you is a Mickey premium ice cream bar, but it's very close."

10. "One day, we'll have a castle like this."

11. "There's no one I'd rather watch the fireworks with than you."

12. "You are my happy thought."

13. "You make me feel like I'm flying."

14. "I choo-choose you to ride the Disneyland Railroad with."

15. "Let me share this whole new Disneyland world with you."

16. "You make my heart twist like a Mickey pretzel."

17. "This is my happily ever after."

18. "Get you a bae who goes to Disneyland with you."

19. "Having a very hakuna matata kind of day with you."

20. "Date someone you see yourself walking down Main Street with."

21. "Couples who Disney together, stay together."

22. "We followed our hearts, and it led us to Disneyland."

23. "You're my Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland all rolled into one."

24. "I believe in happy endings."

25. "A Disneyland day with you is immediately my favorite day ever."

26. "I love you more than Disneyland, and that's saying a lot."

27. "I know we are a perfect pair, because you hold our spot for the parade while I fetch the snacks."

28. "I must be Alice, because I'm in Wonderland with you."

29. "If we can survive the Disney crowds together, we can survive anything."

30. "We are our very own Disney movie."
Attractions Referenced

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disneyland Railroad

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain

Restaurants Referenced

Blue Bayou Restaurant

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Main Street U.S.A.

New Orleans Square


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